Smartphone Market Share from Kantar for Q1 2015


Kantar World Panel have released their market share for the first three months of 2015 (Jan through March) which shows Windows Phone making up some ground on the big two in some markets, most notably France where it is up 5.8 percentage points on the same three months of 2014, at 14.1% while all other OSes have lost share. Also Android has taken a hit year on year especially in China where Google’s mobile operating system has dropped from 80% in the 1st quarter of last year compared to 72% this year. You can use the interactive “Dataviz” above, or view the table below:


EU5 which calculates the market share for the five big markets in Europe sees Windows Phone has grown 1.8 points year on year to 9.9%, the same amount as iOS while Android has dropped 3.1 points, but still has a huge lead with 68.4%. Microsoft’s OS has dropped 0.1 points in the USA YoY to 4.3%% while Android seems to taken 0.2 points off iOS. Another market where Android has lost some share against last year is Australia, down 5 points while iOS has increased 5.3. WIndows Phone has made a small increase of 0.4, with a 7.3% share.

Considering Windows Phone has not released any new flagship devices for some time it is good to see they are maintaining their market share. With Windows 10 for Phones expected in the summer it will be interesting to see how numbers look for the first month of 2016.

Android meanwhile maintains a healthy lead in all markets and while they are seeing this decrease in some places Google don’t need to worry just yet, but we will be keeping a close eye on things to see how it goes.

Source Kantar World Panel