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If your Windows Mobile Device can’t be a help every once in a while why have it right? So today we are going with apps for shopping. Not the fun I am getting new car type either…..the I getting food for the house type. But listen we all have to do it so lets make it easier!

Shoppers Calculator


Keep track of your total as you shop. This easy-to-use app features labels, 8 types of discount, sales tax rates, and landscape and portrait orientations.

– Familiar calculator-style look and feel
– Landscape mode and orientation lock
– Labels
– Discounts, including Value off total, % off total, Value off item, % off item, Buy One Get One, Buy One Get One half off, 2 for amount, 2 for exact amount.
– Additional discounts available through the Discount Pack IAP
– Support for multiple Sales Tax rates
– ‘Get my rate’ feature can get the sales tax rate for your location with the tap of a button (USA only)
– Set your budget – highlights items when you go beyond that amount
– See items you have added while you add new items.
– See summary information like the total, the number of items, how much tax is added, etc.
– Change the quantity of an item.
– Update or remove items.
– Set sales tax rates and choose to have tax apply to items as you add them.
– Subtract discounts from the total.
– Save your items on exit

Keep track as you shop with this handy tool!

Download Here

Sales Tax Lookup


This app allows you to look up your sales tax wherever you are in the country. Great for helping to avoid shopping surprises at the register, especially when traveling.

Results are clearly broken down by jurisdiction and a history is maintained so you don’t have to look-up the same place twice.

Note – This app works in the USA only.
App now completely free, though the Ad’s remain via AdDuplex

Download Here


Shared Shopping List


An incredibly easy to use shopping list app that can automatically share lists between phones! Version 3.0 includes major improvements to the regulars feature, now called favorites.

– Favorites are now grouped just like your actual shopping list to make it easy to find what you’re looking for!

– You can now explicitly add to your favorites, or promote items from your shopping list to your favorites by tapping-and-holding on the item.

– Checked off items now fade out in the “on shelf” view so you don’t have to wonder if you tapped the right one!

– Help button now available on several screens which displays a handy cheat sheet in case you don’t know what to do next.

– Easy setup! No need to create an account, and we don’t ask for your email address.

Have you ever been disappointed when your spouse walked in with the groceries, but didn’t get the coffee you so desperately needed? Ever ended up with 4 gallons of milk in the fridge because each roommate went shopping separately? With the Shared Shopping List, any number of Windows Phones can share the same set of lists, and these woes are a thing of the past.

Download Here



Coupon$ brings savings and deals to your windows phone in a fast and beautiful app.

Features coupons from and
Pin your favorite sections to the start screen
Clip coupons for later use
Share coupons with your family and friends
SAVE $$$$

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