Windows 10 and Windows 10 for Phones will not be shipped at the same time



A lot has happened at the BUILD Conference in San Francisco so far and apart of some new product announcements Microsoft detailed also its launch strategies for the upcoming version of Windows a bit more. So it is now official that Microsoft will release Windows 10 in summer however if you are a Windows Insider who is also testing the Insider Preview for Phones then you might have realized that this versions is not as mature as the Desktop version is. Therefor Microsoft will not release Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 at the same time. Windows for Phones and Desktops will be the most awaited new operating systems from Microsoft though there are two other major systems which will be released. One the one hand there is Windows 10 for Xbox Systems and on the other hand there is Windows 10 for Holo Lens. Now since we have not seen anything of Windows 10 for the Xbox yet you might see already it coming, yep also these two operating systems will not be released at the same time with the Desktop version. So to summarize, the Desktop version will be the first Windows 10 which will be publicly released.

One of the biggest advantages of Windows 10 will be the shared core which all Windows 10 versions for different devices will have. Now they all have the same core then they are released at the same time, you might think but unfortunately this will not happen. There have not been revealed any further details about the release date of Windows 10 Mobile. As you can imagine also Holo Lens will not come at the same time as the Desktop OS does.
The plans of Microsoft might be to release Windows 10 for Desktops after that Windows 10 Mobile might come because it is the second most important operating system for Microsoft. A bit later Xbox Users will come into the joy of getting Windows 10 and around the time also Holo Lens will come.

  1. Windows 10 for Desktops
  2. Windows 10 for Phones
  3. Windows 10 for Xbox One
  4. Holo Lens / Windows 10 for Holo Lens

So it seems that Microsoft will release the different versions of Windows 10 in waves and not all at once, hopefully I could give you an insight on the future release plans of Microsoft. As soon as we know more about that we will inform you, so stay tuned. Feel free to drop me a comment below with your thoughts.

Source: Neowin