Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10074: Here are some Known Issues and things that have been fixed with this Build



Microsoft has released another Build version of Windows 10 just after a couple of days when they have released Build 10061. This time it is Windows Insider Preview Build 10074 and as you may have noticed already, this is the first Build version which is called Insider Preview instead of Technical Preview. According to Gabriel Aul this name change has been made to honor the Windows Insider Community which has helped Microsoft so much in making Windows 10 the best operating system so far with giving feedback and features suggestions.

So this is another Preview Build of Windows 10 and as every Preview version of Windows 10 also this one has a few Known Issues which Microsoft is already aware of but hasn’t fixed them yet. A detailed list with the Known Issues can be found below:

  • Developers cannot enable Developer Mode in the Settings app for installing and testing apps on this build. We’ll enable this in an upcoming build. In the meantime, you will need enable your device for development using the Group Policy Editor.
  • There is an issue in this build preventing some games from playing in full screen mode. We’re working to get a fix out via WU as soon as possible.
  • The People app continues to crash. We’re planning to release an update for the People app through the Store Beta that fixes this.

However apart of the list of Known Issues there is also a small list of Fixes which are included in this Windows 10 Insider Preview Build. It is not much but you can have a look at it below:

  • You can now launch Win32 (desktop) apps from the Start menu again. Sorry about this bug!
  • You should be able to download music in the Xbox Music and Music Preview apps.
  • When you minimize an app playing audio, it should continue playing in the background.

So as I do with every new Build which gets released by Microsoft I am also suggesting you with this one to not install this on one of your primary devices which you are using every day and where you have to rely on.
If you discover any other bugs in the latest Windows Insider Preview Build do not hesitate to drop me a comment below in order to help you out. Stay tuned for more information about this and future Windows Insider Preview Builds.