Microsoft Great Vision: Now Get Me Nokia Quality Hardware


I was pretty happy with yesterdays Microsoft Build announcements for the first time in well…forever Microsoft seems to be leading the tech game instead of simply resting on their laurels and coasting on past accomplishments.  The stuff that is coming from Satya Nadella and company is bold, risk taking and forward leaning.  So what do they have to do to keep their current Windows Mobile base and expand it?  NOKIA


I know what you are all thinking….”Nokia? Nokia’s long gone and just said they are out of the smartphone game.”  That is true however what was the one thing Nokia was known for year after year while it was making devices?  That’s right hardware, hardware, hardware!  Guess where a lot of the Nokia talent went after the buyout?  Microsoft!  However looking at the vanilla safe low end to mid range devices coming out with the Microsoft logo on it you would never know that.

Nokia’s hardware has always been  rugged and reliable.  It has always been camera ready and have class leading cameras on them. It has always been powerful enough to do what you need and it has enough power to get you through the day. It is innovative and exciting, plus dependable and  constant.

Why am I tell you all this because unless Microsoft steps it up they are going to lose most of the old Nokia die hards when the time comes to upgrade.  I LOVE my Nokia Lumia 1520 and will keep it for another year or so however after that the mobile field is wide open (since there is no Nokia device to buy) for the first time since 1996 and if Microsoft keeps cranking out devices like the Lumia 640 while it’s nice it’s not keeping me.

So lets go Microsoft let’s put out real flagship device when Windows 10 Mobile comes out.  WOW me!!  Give me fingerprint sensor, give me a 55mp camera, give me 4500mah battery, a real camera button and package it all in durable device with some Finnish influence in it!  I started using Windows Phone because of Nokia and I am really enjoying it however you have to give the old school Nokia fans a reason to stay.  Build on your ideas with great hardware and make me never want to roam.