@LumiaHelp really did help!


So there I was, trying to be a clever bugger and type a text using only one hand… on my Nokia Lumia 1520. The 1520 is not a diminutive device by any stretch of the imagination, and this thing will end up being (along with its lesser cousin, the 1320) the largest Lumia ever. Microsoft have recently released the 640 XL but it’s not as XL-ly as the 1520. The 1520 has a full 6-inch screen and the 640 XL has a slightly smaller 5.7-inch screen.

The massive Nokia Lumia 1520
The massive Nokia Lumia 1520

Anyway, I was foolish enough to think that I had the dexterity to manage a one-handed text on this big beast, and I dropped it. Not onto concrete or down the toilet or anything disastrous like that. No, I dropped it onto a rug in the kitchen. I picked it up, honestly thinking that nothing would have happened to it (it’s a Lumia for crying out loud – I dropped my 1020 on the sidewalk in Paris and it didn’t even dent anywhere) and on my first inspection, there was nothing wrong with it physically. But as soon as I tried to continue typing my text message, an ice cold lump started to form in my stomach.

My screen was unresponsive to touch.

Uh oh. This could be a problem.

I did the usual stuff. Reboot. No joy. Soft reset. No joy. Plug in a charging cable and see if that makes a difference. No joy. Then more drastic measures started to get me worried. A hard reset did nothing (I couldn’t even select United States as my region). Tapping on the screen did nothing; it was powered up… but dead.


No not really! Okay, so let me finish the point of this post. I informed Lenny of what had happened, and he sorted me out. The next day his contact at Microsoft, Sean (at the @LumiaHelp department of Microsoft) checked out my Lumia 1520’s IMEI and lo and behold it was still within its warranty period. I was a little surprised because this device is an eBay purchase, so there was no real way of telling how old it was when I bought it. Anyway, I was instructed to send the 1520 to Texas, to Microsoft’s (ex-Nokia?) repair center for inspection and repair.

This is the best part: I mailed my 1520 on the Friday, and I saw it was delivered on the Monday. Then it was delivered back to me the following day!!

Flawless, brand new screen. SUPERB!
Flawless, brand new screen. SUPERB!

Just unbelievable! And of course, the 1520 was as good as new. In fact, that’s not just me saying that – the screen had been completely replaced with a brand new one. Flawless in every way, something that could not have been said of my original screen, as it had quite a few tiny scratches and scuffs all over it which always kinda bothered me, but that’s what you get for buying second-hand sometimes.

I cannot thank Sean and his team at @LumiaHelp enough for their speedy turnaround and amazing service. The 1520 is now my pride and joy even more so now with that gorgeous scratch-less screen, and I’m thoroughly enjoying it being back as my main phone.

If you need help with your Lumia, it would seem that under Microsoft’s watch, repairs are done properly and quickly. Brilliant stuff.

But I won’t try and text again with one hand.