Cortana receives Coupon feature for United States



Cortana was introduced with Windows Phone 8.1 by Microsoft and since then a lot of new features have been added to make the personal assistant as personal as possible. The last feature which has been added was Showtimes + Trailers which brought the ability to get suggestions for Showtimes and Trailers which you may be interested in. Well it seems like the Cortana Team from Microsoft is not resting and working day and night to add new features to Cortana. This time ‘Coupon Feature’ has been added, unfortunately this is currently only available for US residents and there only to a limited number of users.


WindowsCentral yesterday reported with the above screenshot that this feature is the latest addition to Cortana and it seems to be in a very early status since there are not included that much retailers yet. Tough it is nice to see Microsoft working on Cortana and adding more and more features to her. Hopefully Microsoft is going to announce some more features coming to Cortana at the BUILD Conference which is going to take place in San Francisco very soon.

Let me know your opinion about the latest features Cortana has got. Are there still some features which you are missing? I know that Formula One is not that popular in the United States though I think this is a feature which should have been added a long time ago already. This is just one feature which I hope will be added in the near future. Stay tuned for more information about Windows Phone and its personal assistant.

Source: WindowsCentral