[Video] Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones Build 12544 reveals Universal Office and redesigned Store Apps



Just a couple of days ago Microsoft has released the latest version of the Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones which brought some cool new features to the smartphone again. However today appeared a new video on a Chinese website which is showing Build 12544, and the new features of this Build version.
Microsoft did already promise that the Microsoft Office Universal Apps will come for Windows Phone at the end of this month but this video is giving you a first overview what the Office Apps will be capable of and what they are looking like.

Unfortunately this is a Chinese video but there can be seen some other changes apart from the Office Preview Apps though. At the beginning of the video you can see that the start screen can now be customized even more. It is possible set the transparency of your start screen and a few other things are also possible. Furthermore we are getting a first look at a new Windows Phone App Store which could be another Universal App, since it is looking very similar like the Store (Beta) App from the Windows 10 Technical Preview for Desktop PC’S.

Below you can have a look at the Chinese Video which appeared today. Just to mention that, also Project Spartan gets previewed in this video but since this is a Chinese video the shown changes can not really be identified. (If you can not see the video just wait a few seconds, it might take a bit longer to load)

So this will be the next Build version of the Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones. Probably Microsoft will never release this version because it is just an internal version for testing purposes. However sooner or later we will get another Build version from Microsoft which will also include these changes. I am looking forward to test this Build and hope that they will finally release the next one also for the Lumia 930.
Feel free to let me know your opinion about the Office Apps which are shown in this Video and about the new Store (Beta) App. Do you thin there are still missing some important features? Just drop me a comment below and tell me what you think.
Stay tuned for further information about upcoming Windows 10 Technical Preview Builds for Phones.

Source: wpxap