Windows 10 RTM is said to be launched at the end of July


Windows 10 Header

Windows 10 is currently in public beta status and is available for all Windows Insiders to test in on their PC’s. All you have to do therefor, is to register as a Windows Insider. The good thing about the Technical Preview is, that it is also possible to give some Feedback via the Feedback App, there you can report bugs but can also give some suggestions what you do not like or what you would like to see in the operating system. However the latest Build which Microsoft has released, was Build 10049 which still has some rough edges. Now according to Microsoft, the planned release of Windows 10 is set for this summer which means it could also come sometime in September.

If we believe AMD’s CEO, Lisa T. Su, we will see Windows 10 a bit earlier already. According to an official statement of her, Windows 10 RTM will be available in July 2015 what would mean that we can install a final version of Windows 10 in about 4 months. This date was revealed at a financial conference call which Lisa T. Su attended, as a reason for the early release she mentioned the back to school promotions, where July would be just perfect as a release date.

So what do you think, have you installed the Widows 10 Technical Preview on one of your PC’s? If so, let me know below in comments if you can imagine that this Version of Windows 10 will be that mature in July to be officially released. By the way there was no word about Windows 10 for Phones by Lisa T. Su. This has not been confirmed by Microsoft yet so this might not be the actual release date.

Source: Neowin