Nokia will come back to the Smartphone Market in 2016 but this time with Android



Two years ago, Microsoft bought the Smartphone segment from Nokia to have a Hardware Manufacturer for releasing new Windows Phone devices on a regular basis. With the smartphone segment from Nokia there was also the brand name which came to Microsoft. Therefor the tech giant from Redmond continued to release new Smartphones as Nokia devices. However the latest Windows Phone devices from Microsoft are now titled with Microsoft instead of Nokia as we can see it on the Lumia 640 and the 540 for example.

Now according to the sources of Re/Code we can see it as confirmed that Nokia will return to the smartphone market as early as next year. We have already seen some new Android products from Nokia, there is on the one hand the Z Launcher which is basically an app to find installed apps easier and of course on the other hand the Nokia N1 which can also be seen in the heading image. Since Nokia is still bounded to some contracts with Microsoft, the company is not yet allowed to produce new devices, that is why Nokia licensed the N1 to another manufacturer that is selling it under the Nokia brand.
2016 the contracts with Microsoft will come to an end which allows the former mobile phone giant to release new Smartphones and Tablets again, the only question is how well they will be sold in the Android Jungle. Apart from new handsets the company is also expected to be working on a sort of virtual reality device, however this are only rumors so far and there is no expected release date or anything yet.

Apart from Mobile technology, Nokia has hired new staff to work for them. There is for example Ramzi Haidamus which came from the Dolby Labs and there is of course Guido Jouret who has been a Cisco executive and is now chief of the technology office at Nokia.
Beside that Nokia has bought Alcatel-Lucent for approximately $16.6 billion which is pretty much and seems to indicate that Nokia will concentrate on its Mobile Network section but this thought might be wrong.

Remaining is the voltage to know how Nokia will come back to the smartphone market. Microsoft has adopted a lot of users with Windows Phone devices which were Nokia branded and are now Microsoft branded. Will there be enough space for Nokia to grow and thrive again, well this is a question only the time can tell. However I am a big Windows Phone fan but originally switched to Windows Phone because of Nokia, back then the Lumia 800 convinced me. I like the brand it stands for quality and durability, but I think I will stick with Microsofts OS and their smartphones. Maybe in a few years when the company is strong again we can see them coming back to Windows Phone, at least partly, that’d be great but until then Microsoft will be my Hardware source for both smartphones as well as tablets.
Feel free to let me know your opinion below in comments, tell me if you will immediately switch over to Nokia, doesn’t matter which OS they are using, or if you will go with Windows Phone for the next few years. Stay tuned for more information about Nokia and how things are ging with the company.

Source: Re/Code