Better Update your Copy of the Windows 10 Technical Preview or it won’t boot anymore



Microsoft is working hard on its upcoming Windows operating system so that it fits both Consumer but also Business customers. Therefor Microsoft introduced the Windows Insider Program to give some users an exclusive insight view of the development of Windows 10. As soon has you have registered as a Windows Insider, you can download the latest Windows 10 Technical Preview and install it on your PC and Windows Phone. On January 21st Microsoft held its first Windows 10 event and a few days after the first Windows 10 Technical Preview Build was available. At this time it started with Build Version 9841 while now we already have Build 10049.

A Microsoft support engineer has now posted the expiration dates for all current Windows 10 copies. This means you better should check your Build Version of Windows 10 and have a look at the table a bit further below in order to see if you have to update your Windows 10 PC or not. If you are using the latest Build, you won’t have to be concerned. Build 9841, 9860 and Build 9879 are expiring on April 30th. By this date yo should have got some expiration warnings already on your Windows 10 machine, however if you have ignored them until today you will have 10 more days to wait but beginning with April 30th, your PC will simply stop booting if you are still on one of these three above mentioned Builds. So better Update now or you might loose all your data which you have currently stored on this PC.
Also the License of these three Windows 10 Builds is already expired as you can see in the table below.

Build Number Expiration Warnings begin License Expiration date Windows stops booting
Build 9841 02.04.2015 15.04.2015 30.04.2015
Build 9860 02.04.2015 15.04.2015 30.04.2015
Build 9879 02.04.2015 15.04.2015 30.04.2015
Build 9926 17.09.2015 01.10.2015 15.10.2015
Build 10041 17.09.2015 01.10.2015 15.10.2015
Build 10049 17.09.2015 01.10.2015 15.10.2015

With Build 9926, 10041 and 10049 you have a bit more time to upgrade you PC again, since these three versions of Windows will expire on 15th of October 2015. There you will get the first warning to remember you that your copy of Windows 10 expires on the 17th September. The license will expire on 1st of October and at the 15th you won’t be able to boot your PC. Since Windows 10 will be released this summer you probably won’t be using one of these Technical Previews in October anyway. However also at this time you should always be using the latest version of the Windows 10 Technical Preview.
Feel free to let me know your opinion about the Windows 10 Technical Preview below in comments. Stay tuned for more information about the Windows 10 Technical Preview.

Source: Softpedia