Windows 10 Technical Preview (Phone) and Known Errors for the Outsiders!



Microsoft has kicked off the preparation for the next big Operating System common to multiple devices.  In that event, the Redmond giant has recently raised the curtains to the early access program for its smartphone OS, known as “Windows 10 Technical Preview”. The Windows 10 Technical Preview for Mobile Devices not only has tons of enhancements but has also got cans of worms and bugs!  Before you try the Windows 10 technical preview for smart phones, we thought of bringing together a list of bitter pills on the WP 10 TP. Once you get the taste of that, you might get an idea of what to expect rather than losing the love!

The Rough Edges:


Apart from these, I installed the Windows 10 Technical Preview on my Nokia Lumia 1020 and spotted few glitches. The first one was the Windows Insider App itself! For that matter, most of my Apps don’t work as desired again not always but many a times!


I got my phone updated to the GDR Update 2 during the experimentation and when trying to update it to Windows 10 from there, I got this error. Shortly after this my phone couldn’t update. I had to initiate the update from the beginning.


WP 10 TP doesn’t have albums! It has only “Collections” where all the pictures from your device are present. You can’t view your pictures through Albums.


However, if you still want to view your pictures through Album, you could do that through File Manager (Files). To be more precise that would be the folder view not the Album.

To top it, if you use WhatsApp, forget about sending Instant Selfies for the reason that the default Camera doesn’t work conventionally! So when you decide to take a photo separately and attach it, your “Albums” will now come into view on whatsApp, this would pull up your original albums and not the Collections! Now where on earth did the Albums come from? Only Gabriel Aul knows. J Why do I have to take a picture and then attach it? My default camera is only a small strip on my display! I am not sure if this is a Phone Specific issue but after installing the WP 10 TP thrice on my 1020, I get the same problem! I only use Lumia Camera. It would be great if WhatsApp has the option to choose the lenses.


One of the good things about the WP 10 TP is the Action Center. For those who don’t know to access Quiet Hours, here is a simple way. Not just quiet hours, this works for almost all the icons in the Action Center. All you need to do is just long Press the Quiet hour icon on the Action Center. This would open the Quiet hours but to use quiet hours………. (See the Screen Snap below)


I usually make voluminous calls but I sometimes feel that the mobile signal strength is low down. That is when I would toggle the Airplane Mode on and off. My Lumia 1020 doesn’t go to flight mode at all!  If you watch closely, you will find that the flight mode is on still, getting signal from Vodafone! Power Cycle is my only option!


It says it can’t take screen shots but it takes! Take a look at the below screen Snap Closely.


SMS delivery Confirmation wouldn’t give me a positive response too! Every time I send a SMS, you never know if that got delivered or not! WP 10 TP is a phony! 😉

Also, there is no way to change the Action Center Icons or at least rearrange them.

I never knew Cortana was deaf! Yes. She can’t hear what I say. We have got several issues connected with Cortana however this issue is really weird. Cortana can’t show directions or set remainders! I really miss her now! I have been hearing from people who have WP 10 TP, that Cortana has some serious problems.


What’s even worse is it connects to my home WIFI outside home! This is paranormal I would say and internet works just fine. Look closely at the below image again, WIFI has no or low signal, Phone is running on EDGE Network and I can still use internet in 3G speed! I am thinking that there are problems with frequent revises in the status bar.


As I had mentioned earlier the apps that I have doesn’t work as desired, at least few of them. Device Hub has some problem. For no reason it doesn’t get updated! It waits for WIFI and downloads the content. After it gets downloaded, the installation part will be unsuccessful.


Only after this, I noticed most of my Apps were not getting updated!


IE has got some enhancements I believe and youtube stopped playing videos. To be specific, I am not able to use the Desktop Version. When I type in any web address, it gets converted to the mobile page (“”) even if my settings are for the desktop version. Mobile sites route me to download Apps or search for an App from the store.



I also experienced random reboot and I heard that this is quite common in Nokia Lumia 920 although it didn’t affect every handset. Another major issue is the battery endurance. Windows 10 supports literally unlimited background apps which in turn makes the device slower and reduces the battery life.



I noticed two incomprehensible logs in the “Notification + Action”. This is mostly common across all phones which run on Windows 10. We are not sure if that is a valid log or not but this is not clear at all at the moment! See the below Image.


Keyboard has always been a problem in Windows 10 for Phones. It is sometimes not responsive. Very rarely, the touch buttons might also not work. The best work around for this would be a simple Screen lock (Lock/Power button).

We all must also know that Microsoft Office files cannot be opened in the current build version of Windows 10 for Phones (10051) and at this point all I can say is, check out our next blog 😉

If you face any more issues apart from the listings, first try soft resetting the device and last of all, do not forget to inform us!

Word’s from MS

This is still an early build and while there are many things that work great, there are also known bugs and things that just don’t work quite right yet. Remember that you’re seeing a work in progress, and a huge goal of the Windows Insider program is to work with a large community of people to provide feedback. Here are the big issues that we think you should know about for this build. In most cases a fix is coming in a future build, but a few have workarounds you can try in the meantime.

What Ever, I am In!

If you are still ready to give it a shot, despite its shortcomings, you will have to download the Windows Insider App and just follow the instructions!

The Phone Insider application provides registered Windows Insiders the ability to receive pre-release OS updates on their phone, directly from Microsoft.  New preview builds will be pushed to participating devices automatically over the air, all the way up to the final build that will ship with new phones. Click here to get started and for those who face issues, feel free to comment or let us know @OneTechStop