comScore: Market share of Search engines compared between 2014 and 2015



It is time for some numbers again, since comScore has released the new market share which search engines are currently having in the United States. So let’s dive in, like you would probably expect it, Google led in March 2015 with 64,4% though they have lost 0,1% compared to the month before, February. Microsoft is right behind and with a market share of 20,1% Bing did even have a growth of 0,3% in the months February to March. After Microsoft, the third big search engine in the market, which is actually using Bing, joins the race. In March Yahoo had a small decline of 0,1% and has now a market share of 12,7 percent. There are some other search engines listed in the ranking below but I don’t think that they are worth noting, you can check their numbers below.


Now these have been the numbers of the months March and February 2015. Probably more interesting is the comparison between 2014 and 2015 since there has changed a bit more. If you compare the above embed table with the one below there are some obvious changes to see. In April 2014, Google had a market share of 67.6% in the United States, but in March 2015 they have lost 3.2% over the year and are now at 64.4%. Now if you have a look at the numbers of Microsoft’s search engine, you will notice that Bing had a growth of 1.4%, which is not bad, but Yahoo did even grow 2.7%. So Bing didn’t grow very much either did Yahoo, but Yahoo could manage to get more market share growth than Bing which is pretty impressive since Microsoft is currently running the Bing Rewards campaign and is promoting Bing a lot.


Let me know your opinion on those number below in comments. Do you think these numbers are very reliable, since they are US only and might not be that exact? Stay tuned for more information.

Source: comScore 2015 | comScore 2014