[Leak] Is this an upcoming LG device running Windows Phone 8.1?



There have already been numerous rumors about a new Windows Phone build by LG, though there has not been any proof for that so far, but with the first picture occurring we finally have one. Below you can have a detailed look at what is supposed to be the next Windows Phone by LG.

Unfortunately there are no specifications known yet of this device but there are some things which can be suspected if you have a close look at the leaked image. First of all, this device will probably come with on-screen buttons which might mean that it will be a mid to low range device. I mean that is not proofed yet, though if you think back which devices had on-screen buttons so far, you might think the same.
If you have a look at the home screen of this device you will also notice that this background picture is only displayed through the Tiles just like we know it from Windows Phone 8.1, would it be Windows 10 for Phones there wouldn’t be any white background. This might tell us that release of the device is not that far away anymore, or better said it will be released before the release of Windows 10 for Phones happens.

So if you consider these facts, this might be a low to mid range Windows Phone from LG which will probably be Verizon exclusive, hopefully I am wrong and LG is bringing a high end Windows Phone to the market worldwide which can compete with their current LG G3 and other devices, we will see.
About the name of the device, Lancet, this one has not been confirmed yet. All we have so far is the filename of the picture which originally was named Lancet, at least according to Neowin. This might or might not be true, the future will tell us.


Microsoft desperately tried to get new OEM Partners who are willing to release new Windows Phone devices. In the last couple of months a lot of new Hardware partners have released new devices, though the majority of these have been pretty cheap low end devices. However, LG is not new to the Windows Phone market and maybe if it is sold well they are staying to bring a few more Windows Phone devices.
Though i think that if Microsoft or LG want this device to be a success it should not be a Verizon only, but at least one for the whole United States but this is just my opinion, I might be wrong.

I am looking forward to hear your opinion on this new LG device and what you think would be better for Microsoft and LG, another Low End device or is the Windows Phone market in need of a new High End device. Stay tuned for more information about the LG ‘Lancet’.

Source: Neowin