Windows 10 Build 10056: New Tray Clock Experience included by Default



Microsoft has released another Build version of Windows 10 for Desktops and as always there are included some obvious and some hidden features. In Windows 10 Build 9926 it was already possible to check out the new tray clock experience with a little registry hack, however in the latest Build version this new design is included by default.

As you can see below, the new design perfectly fits in the overhauled Windows 10 design language. There is no analog clock displayed anymore, but instead you get a more detailed look at the calendar which can be an advantage. If this is still too small for you, you can quickly switch over to the calendar app.


Let me know your opinion, what you think fits the best to Windows 10 or what should be changed in the new Tray Clock Experience, below in comments. Stay tuned for more information about Windows 10 Build 10056.