MeTweets for Windows Phone free today only



There are a few companies out there which are pretty good in ignoring Microsofts Windows Phone platform for smartphones, Twitter is one of these. The last update by the company has been released on 20th of January and while this update indeed included some new features, there haven’t been fixed some bugs in the app which are there since a few months now. One of these annoying bugs is the broken notification feature. There are some ways to bring back notifications temporary, though there is no way to get notifications back completely.

However gladly the Windows Phone platform can attract at least some third party app developers and therefor there are some alternatives to the official Twitter App. Project Bluedog is one of these alternatives. The app is still in beta but can be tested by everyone who wants to join the Beta. Feel free to visit the official article about the app if you are interested in testing it. Well beside Project Blue Dog there are some other great Twitter apps for Windows Phone and as the heading already suggests MeTweets is another third party Twitter app which can make browsing your Twitter Feed a joyful experience.

MeTweets is a very Feature-Rich Twitter client for Windows Phone which is probably perfect for both beginners and more advanced Twitter users who are searching for some rare functions. Therefor it is possible to send tweets which are even longer than 140 characters since the app simply splits such a tweet in more single tweets. There is also a build in YouTube player which allows you to watch YouTube videos without opening the link or switching to another app. The app design is simple what doesn’t mean it is bad. This is yet another app which perfectly fits in the modern design UI, it has not got the Windows 10 design UI but I am pretty sure it will get this once the Update has been officially released. Below at the screenshots you can get a first impression what the app looks like.


Beside the build in YouTube player and the splitting tweet feature you get also the ability to have a live stream of the twitter feed in the app. This means that tweets as they appear on Twitter also appear on the MeTweets app in real time.
However these are just a few features to mention, below you can have a look at the full feature list.

  • Tweet with pictures and add location to tweets.
  • SmartSplit and SmartMerge: post tweets that are longer than 140 characters! MeTweets will split them up, and merge them again in your timeline automatically!
  • Push notifications: Get a notification when you’re mentioned or receive a message.
  • Scheduled Tweets: You don’t have to be there to be on Twitter. Schedule tweets and we will post them whenever you like!
  • In-app YouTube video player.
  • Speech: open your timeline, mentions or messages by friendly asking your Phone to do so. Or post a tweet, completely hands-free!
  • In-app Readability reader. Read articles in ease, without all the clutter and advertisements around them.
  • Configurable home screen: you can use the columns you want. Choose from timeline, mentions, messages, favorites, top tweets and lists or add other user’s timelines or search queries.
  • Streaming: for heavy Twitter users it can be interesting to have tweets, mentions and messages pushed to your phone as they appear on Twitter. Streaming does just that, instant delivery.
  • Embedded photo viewing in the timeline.
  • Fast Actions: reply, retweet, favorite or view tweet details from the timeline.
  • Multiple account support.
  • Built-in photo viewing for Twitter, Instagram, TwitPic, SkyDrive and Yfrog with capability to save to your phone.
  • Orientation lock: read your Twitter timeline while laying down without having your screen rotating around.
  • Mute filters: Hide certain tweets based on author, content or source. You can, for instance, hide all Foursquare tweets.
  • Save for later: Save tweets for later using the built-in Pocket or Instapaper support.

Today only the app is free to download in the Windows Phone app store. Normally you would have to pay for this so do not hesitate to head over to the Windows Phone store by clicking the app logo below or scanning the QR Code with Bing Vision on your Windows Phone in order to download the app. Feel free to let me know your opinion on this app by dropping me a comment below. Stay tuned for more information about new apps and app deals for Windows Phone