Project Blue Dog: A Twitter Client for Windows Phone worth trying



Project Blue Dog is a new Twitter Client which is currently build exclusively for Windows Phone. Alessandro Spisso is the name behind this app and I can say that this is another pretty great project from this Windows Phone App developer. I am saying another great project because this Twitter Client isn’t the first app which he is working on.
If you search the Windows Phone Marketplace for winuser you will see that this app is coming from a very experienced developer. There are for example apps like MultiShare which allows you to publish a post on multiple Social Networks at the same time or another simple but good app from Alessandro is Time.

However, Project Blue Dog is the most recent App Project which he is working on and the app is getting more mature from Update to Update. Unfortunately it is not allowed to post Screenshots before the official release of the app. To get an approximate impression you can have a look at the picture below. This has been published by the developer on Twitter a few days ago.


The picture suggests that the app is available in different themes which can be changed inside the app. You can now also imagine the design of the app, at least a bit. So this App ist still in Beta status and has not been officially released yet. But this is probably the awesome part, because Alessandro Spisso is still searching for new Beta testers which want to try the Twitter Client and give some feedback to make an even better experience. This is also the chance to help making a Twitter App for Windows Phone which is made for users needs, since the official Twitter app is a bit of a mess.

If you are interested in joining the Beta program, just head over to his OneDrive Account where you can go through the Sign Up Progress for the App. If you want to give some feedback you will find some ways to do this inside the app. But you can also give feedback by contacting the official Project Blue Dog Twitter Account, or you try to contact Alessandro Spisso directly on Twitter. Inside the app you will have the chance to get in contact via Email or a UserVoice page.

Let me know what you think about this upcoming Twitter Client for Windows Phone and stay tuned for more information about Project Blue Dog.