Windows 10 for Phones will also receive Smart Dialing



Some time ago it has been included already in an mobile operating system from Microsoft. That was at the time when Windows Mobile was the king in Microsofts Smartphone world. However everyone who is using a Windows Phone will now that that this feature is still missing in Windows Phone 8.1. I mean we have got Speed Dial, which is awesome by the way, love it especially while I am driving my car. Though a Speed Dial Feature doesn’t make sense when you have everyone in this list because it takes you ages again to find the right contact.

With Smart Dialing, you will get suggestions for contacts during you are dialing the number in the keypad. In the video below you can have a look at a short demo where you can not only see the redesigned Phone App of Windows 10 for Phones but also the Smart Dialing.

According to ITHome, which have also brought up this video, Windows 10 will get a ‘Yellow Pages’ feature too. This brings you the ability to look up any public number directly on your Windows Phone.

So it seems that Microsoft is still eagerly working on bringing new innovative features to Windows Phone to make a great operating system even better. Drop me a comment below with your opinion about this story.
Stay tuned for more information about Windows 10 for Phones.

Source: ITHome