Regain Disk Space after the installation of Windows 10 Build 10041



Yesterday Microsoft has released a new Build version of Windows 10. This version brings a transparent Start Menu, loads of new Symbols and a cuple of other new features, a lot of works has been done also under the hood of Windows. Currently it is only possible to install it via Windows Update in the Settings App. This means that there are a lot of files afterwards filling up your Hard Drive which you do not need.

In order to delete these file follow the steps below. In my case I could free up about almost 28 GB, so it really pays off to do this.

  1. Open ‘This PC’, choose your System Hard Drive with the small Windows Symbol, right click and choose ‘Properties’.
  2. Click on Disk Cleanup. The System will now search files which you do not need.

  3. Once it has finished searching, click on ‘Clean up system files’, it will start searching again.
  4. After it has finished choose ‘Previous Windows Installation(s) and Temporary Windows Installation files’ to delete.

  5. Click OK and it will delete the choosen files from your system.


It will take some time to delete these files, once it is done you will have some additional disk space back so it is definitely worth the waiting.