Microsoft Release Minimum Hardware Requirements for Windows 10 Desktop and Mobile



Microsoft have published a PowerPoint document listing the minimum hardware requirements needed for devices, both desktop and mobile, to run the new Windows 10 OS.


Smartphones with as little as 512MB of RAM will be able to run Microsoft’s new platform as well as displays with a resolution of 480×800. Support is also given to devices with screens between 3″ up to 7.99 inches, and aspect ratios of 2560×2048 and higher, allowing manufacturers to produce some pretty large Phablet devices with 2k and maybe even 4k displays. 4GB of storage is also required.

Desktop support lists minimum RAM of 1GB for 32 bit and 2GB for 64 bit systems, while display requirements start at 800×600 with minimum display of 7 inches for “consumer” devices and 8 inch for Pro.

You can find out more about the spec requirements by viewing the PowerPoint yourself HERE.

Interesting to note for anyone concerned that their lower end Windows Phone 8 devices may not get Windows 10 for Phones, these specs indicate that all current WP8 smartphones should be able to upgrade.