More screenshots from Windows 10 for Phones emerge. Shows new Messaging and more UI tweaks


Screenshots of possibly the next build for Windows Phone 10 have emerged courtesy of

These screenshots show a bunch of interesting changes, so let’s take a look at them…

Live account settings UI

This first couple of screenshots show that it will now be possible to switch between Microsoft live accounts without resetting your phone.

Currently, to switch to a different Microsoft Live account, you have to reset your Windows Phone and then sign in with the the Microsoft account you want to switch to.

With this new feature you just delete the account from your phone and sign in with a different one. Of course after removing the account, all apps associated with the account are also removed from the phone. At the end, I would love to see Windows Phone 10 have multi-user support, where you can simply log out of your Live account and log in with a different account.

People Hub UI

Next we look at the new People Hub, the above screenshots show the new “New outlook Contact” page, with the “save” button at the bottom right depicted by the disk icon and also the blue circle is new, this will show the contact image, this is currently a square tile in Windows Phone 8.1

The People hub is also revamped as you can see from the second screenshot and lastly the settings page of the People hub.

Messaging UI

Next we finally see screenshots of the SMS/Conversations pane, first thing you notice is the alpha tag at the top right, stating this is an alpha release and a lot will change by the time final product is released. Also, notice that Microsoft fixed the issue from the first build where the “comma” button was missing from the keyboard.

New notifications LED option

From this screenshot, we see that Microsoft has finally allowed the use of LED for notification.

This could mean that the LEDs on the capacitive buttons (back, start and search buttons) could be used for notifications. Maybe just the start button will do though.

Other changes include the new multi-task view as well as the new toggle switch, it is now the same as on Windows 10 PC.

Also note the new Call app, as you can see the voicemail button has now been moved to the bottom, next to the people hub/contacts and the search buttons. I think this should be left at the top with the History, Speed Dial and Dial Pad.

Also there is a Microphone settings page that lets you choose what apps have access to your Phone’s microphone.

No screenshots showing the the new outlook mail or calendar, or even project Spartan browser, but hopefully these will be ready by the time the build is ready for public testing.