Microsoft announces Foldable Universal Bluetooth Keyboard



Besides new Windows Phone devices, a demo of Project Spartan on Windows 10 for Phones, Microsoft also brought up a new Accessory which doesn’t only work with Windows and Windows for Phones but also with iOS and Android. Basically it is working with all devices which are capable of Bluetooth.

The new Universal Keyboard is foldable and is thought to be used on the go, for example if you quickly want to edit a few lines of a Word Document on your Smartphone. Simply pair it with your device and you are good to go. Unfortunately Windows Phone does not support this yet, but with Windows 10 for Phones you will be able to use Bluetooth Keyboards. There has not been said more about this Keyboard yet, no word of a price or availability but I think it will be more in the affordable class and might be available soon but we will keep you up to date about this.
Feel free to let me know your opinion of this keyboard below in comments and if you think that keyboard makes sense for a smartphone or if we have tablets for this job.

Screenshot (164)

If you wan to have another look at todays Live Event in Barcelona to get a more close look at the Keyboard, you can do so by following this link.

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