Google and Facebook Chat integration in will be discontinued by Microsoft



Some time ago Microsoft introduced a neat little feature which makes chatting even esier. Since it is possible to chat with Google Contacts in Gmail, Microsoft introduced a similar feature. In it was possible to chat but not even with your Google Contacts but also the Facebook Messenger was integrated in Outlook.

Well it was because now this is not possible anymore. Microsoft has send out Emails to users today stating that this feature will be discontinued in the upcoming weeks and days. The Google Messenger has been removed because Google discontinued the chat protocol based on Google Talk. This was necessary for Microsoft to integrated the Google Chat feature. Tough they will continue to offer their own service, Skype. It will be possible also in the future to use Skype Text and Video Messaging over Outlook.

Below you can have a look at the Statement which Microsoft is sending out to it’s customers:

Dear Customer,
Within the next couple of weeks, we will be discontinuing support for Facebook Chat in And due to Google’s decision to discontinue the chat protocol used by the Google Talk platform, we can no longer provide Google Chat in We understand that this may disappoint some of our customers, but we hope that you’ll try Skype for chat, and voice and video calling, so you can take advantage of the more robust ways to keep in touch with friends and family.
This update will not impact the connection to your Facebook and/or Google accounts, which means your People page will stay updated with the latest contact information from the services you’ve connected.
We’re confident that Skype for provides the best experience for chatting and making voice or video calls, right from your inbox, when the conversation warrants richer communication than an email exchange.

Here are the steps to get started:

  1. Activate Skype for by clicking on the Messaging icon in your inbox header.
  2. Click on the Skype icon to join or sign in. Link your email with a Skype ID if you already have one, or use your address to create a new one.
  3. Navigate to the People page, and add existing contacts as Skype contacts, or add new contacts. You’re ready to start chatting.
  4. To make free Skype to Skype video and voice calls right from your inbox, simply download the plugin.

We remain focused on making the best email service available. Thanks for your understanding and continued use.

The Team

What do you think of Microsofts move here, did you use the Facebook and Google Chat Integration in Outlook a lot or do you think it is a logical step for Microsoftv to integrate it’s own Messenger Skype in Outlook? Let me know your opinion in comments below.

Source: WMPowerUser