6tin for Windows Phone disappeared again in the App Store but not because of Copyright infringements



Rudy Huyn is a very well known Developer for Windows Phone, with Apps like 6tag or 9gag the developer made a good impression in the Windows Phone Community. Also a Snapchat client for Windows Phone was available, developed by Rudy Huyn, until it was banned by Snapchat because of security vulnerabilities the services has. Unfortunately the Service didn’t fix these security flaws but banned all third party Snapchat apps together with its users.

However, another popular App from Rudy for Windows Phone is the 6tin App which is an unofficial App for the Tinder Dating Service. There have been various problems with this app in the past because the Developers of Tinder didn’t want to have third party App developed for Windows Phone. Tough these problems are solved now and Rudy can develop the Tinder App for Windows Phone.
Since a few hours the App is down again and not downloadable from the Store, but according to Rudy Huyn this is just due to some Store problems and not because the app will be discontinued or anything.

Hopefully you already had a chance to download this app and try it, otherwise I would recommend you to download it after the App is available again because it is not only great designed but also perfectly works and gets updated by Rudy on a regular basis. Furthermore we do not know if the App might disappear again in the future or if it will finally stay in the Windows Phone Store.
Do use the 6tin app regularly on your Windows Phone, if so let me know your opinion about the app below in comments.

Source: WMPowerUser