Nokia Lumia 635 with 1GB of RAM reportedly coming to some Carriers



The Lumia 635 is one of Microsofts latest Low Budget devices which is actually great in everyday use. It has a great Display for its class, a 4,5″ ClearBlack, IPS LCD Display. It supports Micro SD Cards up to 128GB and it has a 5MP Camera which can capture videos up to 720p. The back of the device is exchangeable so you can change it to the color depending on your mood and this also means that the Battery of the device can be easily replaced. Furthermore, the recently released Windows 10 Technical Preview from Microsoft runs just fine on the device. However there is also a downside on this device.

When the Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones was released I have also bought a second device for the Windows 10 TP, in my case it was the Lumia 630 and this Windows Phone has only 512MB of RAM. Same counts for the Lumia 635 and this is annoying especially if you are playing a lot with your Lumia because some games don’t support 512MB devices, also some other apps don’t do that. Well it seems that Microsoft is aware of that annoyance and is planning to release an overhauled Lumia 635 device at least for carriers which features 1GB of RAM instead of 512MB.
Earlier there has been spotted a Lumia 635 labeled with 1GB of RAM on the Website of Telenor, a Hungarian Carrier. Since this didn’t mean that much because it happens that Carriers are labeling their devices wrong, there was no reason to worry about but now has found a few reasons which are indicating that an overhauled Lumia 635 will be released by Microsoft. has found various ROM’s via NaviFirmPlus which are indicating that there will come another version of the Nokia Lumia 635 with 1GB of RAM. The Spanish website has found ROM’s for the Movistar Carrier in Spain, for Vodafone in Spain, and one for the Spanish CV (Country Variant), this is suggesting, that the labeling on Telenor’s website in Hungary was not just a simple mistake.


Microsoft has not made any announcements about this yet, but maybe they will go official with this soon. We will see, what do you think can we see another version of the Lumia 635 with 1GB of RAM soon, let me know your opinion below in comments.

Source: via WindowsCentral