Not all known Tile Sizes from Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones might stay until the End



The Windows Phone Community is hoping for new Tile Sizes since pretty long time now already, with the lately introduced Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones this was one dream which came true. Two new Tile Sizes have been introduced as you can see in our Windows 10 for Phones rundown. This size is currently only available for Cortana and the People Hub App.

However, it seems that nothing is a 100% sure yet what we get in the final version of Windows 10 for Phones. Gabe Aul, head of the developing Team of Windows 10 for Phones has tweeted that he is still open to discussions concerning new Tile Sizes and the Startscreen Layout. So this means it is not sure yet if we have these Tiles included in the final version of Windows Phone. Below you can see what Gabriel Aul exactly tweeted on Twitter:

The problem with new Tile Sizes is probably that they are always dependent on various App Developers out there who are offering an App for the Windows Phone OS. Without the developers supporting these new Tile Sizes it doesn’t make sense to introduce them and inbound them in the operating system. What do you think, let me know your opinion below in comments and stay tuned for more information about additional Tile Sizes.

Source: WMPowerUser