Windows Phone 8.1 GDR 2 / Update 2 confirmed by Windows Phone | Dev Center



Microsoft is currently eagerly working on the next generation of Windows Phone or better said on Windows 10 for Phones. It is still in early Build but the release of the next generation is planned for later this year so there is not too much time left.
However there is still their current operating system for smartphones, Windows Phone 8.1 GDR 1, and Microsoft is not only working on the next generation but is still thinking of how it can make the current generation even better and prepare it for Windows 10 for Phones.

Some users are unfortunately still waiting for the GDR 1 Update, which brings also Lumia Denim, though this should not take too long anymore, there are already confirmed hints that Microsoft is working on GDR 2 Update which will probably be the last Update before the apocalypse, when Windows 10 arrives. GDR 2 means General Distribution Release 2 and is also known as Update 2. So what goodies will the GDR 2 Update bring for your beloved Windows Phone, well it seems to be clear that we can not expect some major UI changes or additions since a lot will change anyway with Windows 10.
I have already been asked if USB OTG is included in Windows 10, no it is not yet included and since it is not included in the GDR 2 Update it may come later on with a another Build of Windows 10. The Windows Phone | Dev Center has listed all little neat features which Update 2 will bring, and since this is an official website moderated by Microsoft we can see the following features as confirmed. Originally the GDR 2 Update was planned for the end of 2014 but I guess this didn’t go as planned because of Windows 10 and also the not generally enrolled GDR 1 | Lumia Denim Update.

  • Video over LTE:
    Customize specific settings and behavior for Video over LTE to meet mobile operator requirements.
  • Restore Start Tile layout:
    Append the OEM-defined Start screen layout to the bottom of the user’s backed up Start screen layout when the user restores their device from a backup.
  • More phone languages:
    Bangla (Bangladesh), Khmer, Kiswahili, Lao;
  • Added the following new policies:
    Connectivity/AllowManualVPNConfiguration, Connectivity/CellularAppDownloadMBLimit, Connectivity/WLANScanMode, Experiences/AllowTaskSwitcher, Security/AntiTheftMode, DataProtection/RequireProtectionUnderLockConfig, DataProtection/EnterpriseProtectedDomainNames;
  • VPN configuration service provider changes:
    New AlwaysOn value in ConnectionType & New Policies/AppIdleTimeout setting in the CSP;

So Microsoft has not yet officially announced the Windows Phone 8.1 GDR2 / Update 2 so most likely these are not all changes which we can expect from this Update, since there isn’t included a single Consumer feature yet, but keep in mind that Microsoft is currently working on Windows 10 and therefore there might not bee included too much consumer features in this Update. So this is all we have got for now but we will keep you updated over the coming weeks about the next General Distribution Release for Windows Phone, so stay tuned.

Source: Windows Phone | Dev Center via Neowin