How to: Install Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones on non authorized Windows Phone devices



About 48hrs back Microsoft has officially released the Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones, which Windows Insiders where waiting for. On February 12th Gabriel Aul finally announced that at 10:00 AM at this day the Preview will be available to download via the Windows Insider app resp. via phone update in the settings. However there is a downside on this, for now the Windows 10 Preview for phones is only available for a handful devices. Surprisingly the Low End devices get the first chance to run this new Windows Phone version. Currently the following devices meet the system requirements to install Windows 10:

  • Nokia Lumia 630
  • Nokia Lumia 635
  • Nokia Lumia 636
  • Nokia Lumia 638
  • Nokia Lumia 730
  • Nokia Lumia 830

If you are not lucky enough to own one of these devices you have to wait until you can install the Windows Technical Preview on your Windows Phone, well at least if you follow the official roll out. Thanks to an RustyGrom from XDA Developers it is possible to install the Technical Preview even on devices which are not Supported phones for Windows 10 Technical Preview yet. With the method from the XDA Developer member it is possible to change the Model Name of your Phone so that your phone is no longer a Lumia 930 but a Lumia 630 for example. Basically the have found a way to edite some registry values of your Windows Phone over the Web, therefore you need to install the WPInsidersHacks app on your PC, now if you connect your Windows Phone with your PC over the web it is possible to get access to the registry and change some values which are necessary that the Windows Insider App gives you the Technical Preview to download.

Note: Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones is currently pretty laggy and not very responsive so I do not recommend to install this on a primary device. Though there is a method to roll back option so that you can downgrade to Windows Phone 8.1.1. Furthermore you are changing values in the registry with this method to receive the Technical Preview, the registry is extremely sensitive, not only on the PC but also on your Windows Phone. If you change the wrong value or insert wrong values it might brick your Phone. So be sure to only do this if you are aware of what you are doing. I have not tried this on my Lumia 930 because I have installed the Technical Preview on my Lumia 630. It is not sure yet when Microsoft will release the Technical Preview for more devices, though I would recommend to wait for the official release since this early Build is not that stable and doesn’t even included all the features which Microsoft showcased at the Event in January.

So if you have decided to do this, follow exactly the steps below in order to get the Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones on your Windows Phone. All credits for this go to RustyGrom from XDA Developers. He can confirm that this method works for the AT&T Lumia 1520 which was the device he tried this method with. Though this seems to work for multiple devices as the answers in the XDA Developers Forum are positive most of the time.

  1. Reset:
    First step is to reset your Windows Phone with the Windows Phone Recovery Tool. After you have used the Recover Tool, don’t restore your phone, just log in to download the Windows Insider app.
  2. Windows Insider:
    First step after you have restored your Windows Phone to factory settings with the Windows Phone Recovery Tool, is to download the Windows Insider app from the App Store. Therfore you need to log in with your Microsoft ID.
  3. BackUp:
    Once you have installed the Windows Insider App, open the app and got to the about section which you can find in the app bar. Note the information which you see here in your preferred way since you may need this later on.
  4. Download:
    Next step is to download the WPInsidersHacks App.
  5. StartUp:
    After you have downloaded the WPInsidersHacks App, extract and start it, your PC may ask you if the application is wllowd to have access to the internet, accept these questions.
  6. Edit WiFi Connection:
    Next we have to edit the WiFi connection which you are currently on with your Phone. First of all it has to be the same like the one your PC is connected to. Next you have to pull down the Action Center and open the WiFi Settings. There click on the on the Network you are connected to and enable Proxy, now you have to empty fields where you have to enter your PC’s IP address and in the second field you have to enter 8877 as the Port. To get your IP Adress open Command Prompt as Admin and enter ‘ipconfig’, what you get for IPv4 Adress, is what you have to enter as Server/URL in the WiFi Settings of your Phone. Since people are experiencing problems with that I have added a few screenshots below. Don’t search for this option in Windows 10 because it has been removed.
  7. 2


  8. Connect:
    Open the Internet Explorer on your Windows Phone and navigate to the following site: http://[pc.ip.add.ress]:8877 – whereas [pc.ip.add.ress] obviously stands for the IP Adress of your PC. Be sure that you have already started the WPInsiderHacks Application on your PC before you visit this site on your Windows Phone.
  9. Root Certificate:
    Tap the link at the bottom of the fiddler root certificate.
  10. Install Certificate:
    Once you have clicked the link, it will download a certificate to your Phone which you have to trust and install.
  11. Get Build:
    After installin the certificate, run the Windows Insider app and click on ‘Get Preview Builds’, it will ask you which custom action you’d like to perform. In case of RutyGrom it was the Lumia 635 AT&T version. If you have carrier branded device and it doesn’t work at the first try, try to choose a device of the carrier which you are currently on
  12. Accept the Agreement:
    Sincie this is a Technical Preview of Windows 10 for Phones, you have to accept the Agreement, afterwards check mark that the bottom. Done that, the App will exit.
  13. Clear Proxy Settings:
    After the App exits, go to your WiFi Settings and clear the fields of your Proxy Settings, then disable Proxy. You may disconnect from the WiFi Netowrk and connect again in case it doesn’t work after you have cleared the Proxy Settings.
  14. Download Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones:
    Finally you can go back to the Windows Insider App, open it, log in with your Microsoft Account and download the Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones. It will ask you to get new Build fast or slow, just like we know it from Windows 10 for PC, there you have to decide for yourself how fast you want to get new Preview Builds for your Windows Phone.
  15. Check for Updates:
    Done that, go to Settings – Phone Update and check for Updates. It will download Windows 10 for Phones and install it.
  16. Congratulations:
    You are Done! The Installation may take some time. After the Installation of Windows 10 for Phones you may do another reset of your Phone to Log In with your Microsoft Account afterwards and load the back up from the cloud.

If you have any further questions concerning this method to get the Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones just drop me a comment below or visit the Post in the XDA Developers Forum. Let me know if this worked for you.

Source: XDA Developers / RustyGrom