Microsofts GroupMe App for Windows Phone gets Calendar feature with latest Update



GroupMe is another more or less popular Messaging App which is developed by Microsoft. The App is available for all major Smartphone operating systems and offers basically the same features like every Messaging App does. However yesterday the Windows Phone App has been updated by Microsoft and with this Update new features have been introduced.


If you are now in a chat and tap the ‘+’ Icon you can add pictures, videos and now even calendar events, which is pretty cool. It is pretty simple to set such an event, all you have to do for it is to enter an Event Name, Place (optional) and a Time when the event takes place. For the time you can choose between a whole day or a specific date and time. Optional you can also add a photo to your event or a Description for more details, of course it is also possible to set a reminder and in this case it is even possible to set 2 reminders. Once you have finished editing the event just tap the send button which you can find at the bottom in the appbar, after you have sent it the event will appear in the chat and everyone who is in this chat can join this event.

If you swipe to the right from the chat you can see all your current events in a nice and handy overview. There you can also change on which events you are joining and on which not. Overall this is a cool new addition to the GroupMe app, as you can see the OneTechStop Team already has a GroupMe Event called Windows 10 TP for Phones. The design for both, the menu where you can add a calendar event and the screen where you can see all the upcoming events is designed pretty nice and totally fits in the modern UI.
To conclude, it is nice to see that Microsoft keeps working on the GroupMe app and that they are still bringing new features to the app. If your Windows Phone hasn’t notified you about the Update yet, just click the App Icon below or scan the QR Code with Bing Vision to get to the download.