Microsoft Office 2016 Consumer Preview is not available anymore to download



Just a couple of days ago Microsoft has released a Preview of the Office Universal Apps for Windows 10 or also known as Office for Touch. However it seems that the Office Team is currently working hard on new Office Suites, on both, for Touch devices as well as for Desktop Devices, in addition we will see a new Version of Office as soon as Windows 10 Mobile Technical Preview is released by Microsoft. From the Universal App Version we have already seen a few features at the Microsoft Event last Month on January 21st in Redmond thought they haven’t said anything about Office 2016 except some leaks we saw last year.

All the more surprising is now the fact, that the Preview of Office 2016 has been available publicly. Originally it was only available via invitations which Microsoft sent out back in July 2014. All you had to do in order to download the Office 2016 Preview was to register for the program and sign a NDA, once finished that the download was ready. However you also had to insert the email address on which you have got an invitation, that was somehow weird because no one gets an invitation if the Preview is publicly available for download.
Well and as it seems now this was just a bug where the mechanism to validate your email failed obviously and brought you to the download where the Microsoft Office 2016 Consumer Preview was available to download. Unfortunately they were fast in fixing that, as a result the download isn’t available anymore.

However if you are one of the lucky people who has got his hands on the new Consumer Preview, let me know what you think of the new Office Suite What do you think should Microsoft make this Preview available publicly too or is it fine to keep that private, just drop me a comment below.