Windows 10 for Phones available on Feb. 11th and here’s why…


I think the wait is almost over, after the daily twitter Q&A with Microsoft’s Gabriel Aul, he hinted that we could very well see the Windows 10 Preview build launched this week.

In a series of twitter responses, he said the much anticipated demo video of the build would be available this week, he also hinted that it could be released at the same time the build is released…

My money is on tomorrow Feb. 11th because well… it is the “11” of Feb.

Remember Microsoft event on 1/21/15, 1+2+1+1+5=10, so yea, Microsoft loves to play with numbers, we know that now.

So… If we consider the date… Feb 11th 2015, which is 2/11/15, decode: 2+1+1+1+5=10.

Besides the only other date that adds up to 10 is 2/2/15 (2+2+1+5=10) and that’s past! so we are left with 2/11/15! the other date is the Feb. 20th but that’s not in this week now is it?

And Gabriel Aul said this week for the demo video which could be released at the same time the preview build is…

I feel like Robert Langdon right now!

I bet you the preview will be released on Wednesday, Feb. 11th @ 10am PST!

If it’s not, well we still got Thursday, Friday and Saturday right?!