Realarm – a Windows Phone app which finally makes waking up in the morning a Pleasure



In the last couple days a few screenshots of the Windows 10 Mobile Technical Preview leaked online and on one of these screenshots we can also see the build in alarms app of Windows Phone. It seems to be also such an universal app as it looks pretty much the same like the current alarm app for Windows 10 Build 9926 which has been released a few weeks ago. Now the redesign alarm app from Microsoft offers you a simple alarm function, a world clock (which is great by the way), timer and stopwatch. This is nice and everything but still nothing to what is really possible to do with an alarms app as we can see when we have a look at the Realarm. Today the app has got a major update with some massive improvements so let’s dive in to show you some of the great features this free Windows Phone app offers.


When you open the app for the first time after you have installed the app you will be welcomed with a great intro that explains you most of the important features the app has. It is made in the same design language which the whole app has now and gives you a first glimpse what you can expect of this app. One thing you will notice after the intro is that this app is capable of far more than just setting alarms and waking you up in the morning or during your after-dinner-nap. Below you can have a look


Set an Alarm:

Now we come to the main feature of this Windows Phone app, as the name suggests this is for setting up alarms for almost everything you can imagine. Through the ‘+’ icon in the app bar you can add a new alarm, if you press it brings you to a new screen where you can set the date when this alarm should be active from. Next is to set the recurrence, there comes one of the cool features this app offer because it is possible to set a wide range of values, you can be reminded once on date, minutely, hourly, daily, days of week, monthly and custom. If you choose custom, you can choose from a calendar on which days you want to be reminded of something.


Quick Alarms, Agenda & Calendar:

Now since this is not just a simple Alarm app there is quite something left to show you. First of all if you are in a hurry it is easily possible to set a Quick Alarm with two clicks. There is not much to customize then but that’s okay because if you customize it, it wouldn’t be a Quick Alarm anymore. Like the build in calendar app in Windows Phone, als the Realarm app brings an agenda for you where you can see all upcoming alarms which you have set. Pretty neat feature if you are one of those who sets alarms over alarms where it is easily possible to loose the overview. Another cool feature is the calendar which is included, equipped with a ice design and some cool animations the calendar brings you, similar to the agenda but less detailed, an overview to see on which days you have set an alarm. If you click on one day you can see all your alarms on this day underneath the calendar. Currently there is only a month view but this is fairly enough, at least I didn’t miss any other view like the build in Calendar app from Microsoft has.


Live Tile, Voice Commands & OneDrive Backup:

Among all the settings of this nice alarms app I will show you some of them which seem to be most important and cool to me. First of all the Live Tile, you might ask isn’t a Live Tile a bit overrated for an alarms app and I might agree with you but in this app it makes sense to enable the on the one hand informative and on the other hand beautiful Live Tile. Also here is a lot to customize, like in some apps it is also here possible to enable or disable the Tile flips over if you have pinned a smaller size to the startscreen of your Windows Phone. Since an alarm app has not any specific themes for displayed pictures in the Live Tile you can choose pictures which are displayed there from a picture library of the app itself your you can even choose your own pictures to be displayed. Furthermore you can set to use a variable transparency and you can set the brightness of the pictures you have chosen for the Live Tile.
Since Windows Phone has got a personal assistant called Cortana which is gladly capable of understanding Voice Commands you can also play around whit this app together with Cortana. If With your voice and Cortana it is possible to create a quick alarm, set a quick alarm, skip next alarm, cancle skip, mute all alarms & unmute all alarms. So this isn’t bad I think and it worked great when I have tested it.
Last but not least, the OneDrive Backup feature. Simple but good implementation, just login to your Microsoft Account, allow the app to access your OneDrive Storage and set if you want to backup alarms, settings or both, that’s it. Again this is especially helpful if you have a huge list of alarms saved in this app and if you have changed a few settings. Great if you switch to another Windows Phone and can just load the backup from OneDrive and all your data is back.


So hopefully I could give you a good overview what this app is capable of, if you are interested in this app just head over to the Windows Phone app store by clicking the app Icon below or scanning the QR Code with Bing Vision and download the app for free. Still missing a feature in this great app? Head over to Twitter and contact Viktor Szekeress directly instead of leaving a bad review in the Windows Phone App Store.