New video shows off Office Work Assistant powered by Cortana


Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 11.05.12 PM

A new video posted on YouTube shows off the new Work Assistant app that’s coming to Windows 10 for phones. The app will integrate Cortana, allowing users to control the new version of Office that comes with the update. We’ve seen some leaked photos recently, and now we finally get to see how it works on video.

From the looks of it, Work Assistant will make it easier to search for and open documents from various sources, such as your phone, OneDrive, or PC, just by using your voice. Apparently it’ll also let users edit and send documents, the latter of which is demonstrated in the video.

The app is currently being tested internally by Microsoft, and there’s no word on exactly when it’ll be available, but all the recent leaks are pointing to a very imminent release likely alongside the Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones. Fingers crossed, as this would definitely help simmer down complaints that Microsoft is spending more time improving iOS and Android Office apps than their own OS.

Source: YouTube