Microsoft teases new Windows 10 for phone demo video this week, Technical Preview along side it?



While Microsoft did unveil some new features for Windows 10 for phones, last month’s event focused mainly on the PC version and how the phone OS worked in relation to it. We were told that a video on Windows 10 for mobile would be out soon, and while we’re expecting to see the Technical Preview release this month, we haven’t gotten word on when exactly we can expect it.

Today, Gabriel Aul who heads the Windows Insider Program took to Twitter to tease us on a possible release in the very near future.

According to the above tweet, we should expect the demo video to be released this week, hopefully showing a more in depth look at the new mobile OS than what we’ve gotten thus far. Furthermore, Aul continued by teasing that maybe they’re “going to release the video along with the build…”. If this is true, it’s bound to make a lot of Windows Phone users very happy. Of course, it is beta software, and we’re a while before open consumer testing of finished builds (à la Preview for Developers), but many die-hard Windows Phone users are more then willing to risk the buggy software if it means getting their hands on new features. And of course, not everyone will be getting the first wave of updates, due to hardware specifications and whatnot, but I have my fingers crossed, as I just got my hands on a new Lumia 735 (review in the works). Let’s see what Microsoft has in store for us!

Source: Twitter