Lg and Verizon Wireless team up to bring Windows 10 Mobile Flagship



Currently there is a lot coming from Microsoft, everybody is speaking about the leaked Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 10009 which includes new features, like the Project Sparten. Windows 10 Mobile Screenshots leaked all over the web and reveal several new features and design improvements and now there is another rumore concerning the companies smartphone operating system Windows Phone. According to these rumors Verizon and LG are finally teaming up to bring a flagship with the all new Windows 10 Mobile OS once it is released as a final version.

In the past year Microsoft has got a few new OEM’s which are now releasing new Windows Phone devices from time to time, though there has not really been a big name under these new OEM partners so far, except the HTC One M8 for Windows. Now since LG has already partnered with Microsoft for a Windows Phone device a couple of years ago, it is great to see this company finally coming back to Windows Phone. According to MyLGPhones a device named LG VW820 was spotted in some leaked documents and suggests that this device is heading to Verizon Wireless.


Back in December the LG Windows Phone has been spottet by Ad Duplex already but there were no indicators that this will be a device for Verizon Wireless at this time. However it has been revealed that this smartphone will probably feature a 4.7″ screen with a resolution of 480×854. This doesn’t seem to be another High End Windows Phone but more something like the Microsoft Lumia 535 with a big screen for a low price. This is indeed a bit disappointing but at least there is coming something from a big company. Furthermore, with the current leaked information we have, it seems that this will be a Verizon Wireless exclusive device at least at the release so another device like the HTC One M8 for Windows which will not reach Europe or any other parts of the world in the first few months after the release.


Let me know your opinion on this, have you been waiting for a Windows Phone by LG or would you prefer another Smartphone company to enter the Windows Phone market? Let me know below in comments.

Source: MyLGPhones