Microsoft set to acquire Sunrise (Best Calendar app on iOS & Android) for almost $100M


Microsoft is at it again, news today is they have acquired SunRise, (the best calendar app on iOS and Android) for close to $100M

We saw Microsoft buy Accompli, (the best email client on iOS and Android) for $200M a couple of months ago and we already saw the dividend of that at the Windows 10 event last month when Joe Belfiore demo’ed the new Outlook on both Lumia and on a PC.

It looks like Microsoft realized their calendar app is lagging behind (rightly so) and with this acquisition we might or rather we will see a revamped calendar app on Windows 10 and expect to see it also on Windows Phone 10!

Here is a demo of the Sunrise calendar app on iOS (courtesy TheVerge)…

Microsoft is spending a lot of money to make sure that Windows 10 doesn’t turn out like Windows 7, 7.5, 8 or 8.1. And after it is completely built they will give it to all for free!!

So I have got to ask, with all these acquisitions to make the perfect OS, it better work! If not, let’s just buy Cyanogenmod and have them build Windows Phone from scratch!