Micromax – Number One Smart Phones in India



According to a research firm named Canalys, economical Smart Phone makers Micromax outstripped Samsung to become the leading supplier in India’s booming smartphone market for the first time in the fourth quarter of 2014. The report was issued a couple of days back and according to the statistics Micromax accounted for 22% of smartphone sales in India in the last quarter of 2014, ahead of the South Korea’s enterprise which was accounted for 20%. In total, 21.6 million smartphones were sold in India in the period, a 90% outpouring from a year earlier.

Canalys Analyst Rushabh Doshi said, “Canalys believes catering to local market preferences will become increasingly important. Micromax has been quicker than its competitors to improve the appeal of devices, for example, by including a wide variety of local languages on its Unite phones. Lava, another domestic vendor, has launched devices that cater to the preference for greater battery life – in this case a couple of days. But vital to success is selling these handsets at low price points to appeal to the bulging mid-level income market in India.”

China holds the first place for holding the highest mobile phone accounts and India is closely following China’s trajectory. Budget feature phones are top selling here in India. 21.6 million Smartphones were sold in just 3 months which implies people in India had spent about 10800 Million Rupees on smartphones in just 3 months let’s say  an average device would cost about 5000 Rupees and if my math is correct it would be around $1770.5 Million last quarter. This is absolutely a startling report!

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Canalys revealed that the Company’s performance was due to its Continuing appeal to mobile phone users upgrading to smartphones. It was noted that nearly a quarter of smartphones sold in India in the previous quarter were devices priced under $100, while 41% of the devices sold were in the $100-$200 range. We also have Karbonn and Lava who are the other OEMs closely following Samsung.

The other manufactures are summed up to 9 Million Units so I am thinking Moto and Nokia share most of it. We are not sure about the exact count of Nokia but the Finnish-Billysoft has been pushed down. Hope they recover in Q1 and Q2 of 2015. Micromax is truly nothing like anything!