Popular streaming service Popcorn Time coming for Windows Phone ‘soon’



Popcorn Time is a Streaming Service which is completely free to use and works over Peer to Peer streaming, basically this works just like Torrent Downloads. Now since you Stream from other users who are having Popcorn Time in use it isn’t really possible that the Streaming Service will be suddenly down or anything because you do not have to rely on a Server like it is with common streaming services. Popcorn time is currently available for Windows, MAC and Linux, furthermore you can get it as an app for Android and iOS.

Because it is possible to watch various TV Series and Films with this Streaming Application it is already seen as a big Netflix competitor, however it isn’t possible to watch a film in every language yet. You can choose between various subtitles but the spoken language is always English though the Streaming Content itself is always available in 720p and 1080p. Almost since the beginning of Popcorn Time an Android and iOS App is available for this service, but there was not a word about Windows Phone, until now. In the latest Blog entry by ‘the bunch of geeks from All Around The World’ you can read that they are working on an app for Windows Phone and that it will be available soon. Now soon could mean in a few days or in a few weeks but we will see when the release is finally here.

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Oh, and Windows Phone owners…. Get your devices and eyes ready… Popcorn Time is coming to you soon………

So they have not said much about the Windows Phone app yet except that the app will be coming soon, for the full blog entry follow this link. In the same Blog Entry they have also mentioned that they are currently working on an app for iOS which is available without Jailbreak just in case you are wondering how such an app could come to a closed App Store. But if it is possible with iOS it will most likely be also possible with Windows Phone that is available in the normal App Store.
Let me know what you think of Popcorn Time and if you think that this app will survive in the Windows Phone App Store or if it will be banned by Microsoft shortly after the release.

One last thing you should know about that, there are currently two big Streaming Services which are called Popcorn Time:

  • popcorn-time.se – Provides Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone (soon) App.
  • popcorntime.io – Provides Windows, Mac, Linux and Android App.

Since I am not sure anymore which one of these is the original one, decide for yourself which one you prefer.

Source: Popcorn Time Blog via WMPoweruser