Fourth Wave of Nokia N1 Sold out in China!



We recently heard that Nokia N1 outdid the Apple’s iPad Mini 3 in performance and that’s not it. It went on sales in China for the second time and approximately 32,000 units were sold in just 7 minutes and 47 Seconds and it managed to attract 666,594 people! This Android based tablet is actually doing well in performance and now in sales. The first wave of N1 devices were sold out in just 4 minutes 2 seconds and 20,000 units were marketed with 566,438 interested / registered buyers.


The best part is, the third and the fourth lots were also sold out but we do not have information on quantities yet. The next wave is planned for February 26, 2015. Nokia seems to be doing just fine lately, their financial results in the fourth quarter of 2014 were good as well, they show improvement, thanks to the N1 sales of course.

Hope this comes to India and also few seconds would be the maximum to go out of stock, if this sale was in India.