According to AT&T Lumia Denim Update is ‘coming soon’



AT&T and Windows Phone is always a bit painful, customers can spend a lot of time on waiting for new updates which Microsoft provides for Windows Phone if they own a AT&T branded or in general a carrier branded device. Of course there is still the way to flash a country variant Firmware on your Windows Phone device, but this can effect your warranty and of course it shouldn’t be that hard to get an update. It is even harder to see that on the Microsoft website were you can track the availability of Windows Phone Updates it isn’t even set to ‘testing’

Ginny Caughey has yesterday complained a little on Twitter about the Update Strategy which AT&T is having when it comes to Windows Phone and you know what, the carrier answered with a tweet stating that the Lumia Denim Update for Windows Phone is coming soon and that they will announce it on their Consumer Blog as soon as the Update is available to download.

Well I have to admit that soon can mean a lot but I think we can safely say that in this case it will only be a matter of weeks and not a matter of months. So all AT&T users out there keep your fingers crossed to get this Lumia Denim Update for your Windows Phone soon. Maybe even before the release of the Windows 10 for Phones Technical Preview which release is set for February (no specific date yet). We will keep you up to date about this topic and inform you as soon as we know more about the Lumia Denim Update for AT&T customers.

Source: WMPowerUser