Larger Tiles coming to Windows 10 for Phones?


Now that Windows 10 for Phones has been released to more Microsoft employees for testing, we are guaranteed to see screenshots and images of the running Windows 10 OS.

This first one is from a Microsoft employee who tweeted the image below before subsequently deleting the tweet. (too late, once on the internet it can NEVER be erased).

The image was already captured courtesy the guys at BestMobileBlog

The image shows what looks like a Lumia 635? in orange and if you look on the start screen, you will notice the double vertical tile, which looks like the People hub tile…

tweeted image showing Windows Phone 10?

The start-screen is in 2×2 tile column but that doesn’t hide the long vertical tile there.

This latest image has led me to believe that we will see 2 new tile sizes in Windows 10 Phone:

– The double Vertical Tile (see in the tweeted image above) and

– The Larger tile see here…