High end Lumia running Windows 10 for Phone coming early?

concept Lumia 935 courtesy concept-phones.com

Microsoft set to announce a high-end flagship Lumia device (Lumia 1030, codename: McLaren) running Windows 10 is going to be launched as early as May this year. According to WPDang, Microsoft will announce a high end Lumia device running Windows 10.

They also say 2 new Lumia models will be launched at the upcoming MWC event in Barcelona in March. Though these Lumia devices are mid-range devices as no high end will be announce at the event. The 2 Lumia devices have already been rumored as the Lumia 330 and a cheaper version of the Lumia 830.

 Sources close to the guys at NokiaPowerUser have also claimed that the high end Lumia will be 3D touch gestures UX enabled, just like the cancelled McLaren from last year (seen below)…

If these rumors are true, then it looks like Microsoft is eager to push out new high end Lumia devices just before the start of Summer and it also means that the new Windows 10 for Phone OS will be ready well before summer.

Microsoft is holding its annual BUILD conference taking place on 2nd to 4th of April in San Francisco, CA. If the Windows Phone 10 OS is ready by that time, then these rumors could very well be true.

I guess we will know how far along the Windows 10 for Phone OS is by next week when Microsoft releases its first build to the public.


Source: WPDang