Upcoming new Builds of Windows 10 will be released faster from now on



Since a few days Microsoft released the latest Build version of Windows 10, Build 9926, which allows the Insider Community to play with some new features which Microsoft has included in this version of Windows 10. Cortana, Continuum Mode and a new Action center are just a few features which are in Windows 10 and there are more on the way like the Project Spartan for example.

This new Build version includes a bunch of new features but it took Microsoft almost 2 Months to release a new version of Windows 10 which included all of these features, Build 9879 was released on November 12th, while the current Build version has been released on January 23rd. Well according to Gabriel Aul we won’t have to wait for the upcoming versions of Windows 10 that long anymore. Yesterday he tweeted that “we won’t have a long wait between builds like this last one. Will be faster as we go on”.

So great News isn’t it, faster released Builds of Windows 10 mean that we can have an earlier look at newer features which is Microsoft including from Build to Build, however there might be also disadvantages about it. I am currently running Windows 10 Build 9926 on my main PC and it is running just fine I don’t need a secondary OS or anything for everyday work, If Microsoft is now releasing new Build versions even earlier it could mean that they might not be that stable and could crash more, like in Build 9879 the explorer.exe.
What do you think, should Microsoft release new Build versions as soon as they have included new features or should it take a bit longer so that new versions of Windows 10 are more stable and can be used in everyday life? Let me know your opinion below in comments.

Source: Microsoft News