How to: Change File Explorer to open This PC in Windows 10 Build 9926 (TP 2)


By default pined to the Taskbar you can find a folder Icon which is usually called File Explorer. if you click on it, it opens the previously called Home, now Quick Access. In Windows 10 Microsoft included Quick Access where it is possible to pin various programs, files, folders, and everything else you wish to, to it so that you can access it faster. Basically this a feature which I like about Windows 10, however it can be annoying if you open the File Explorer and you get directed to Quick Access instead of This PC, although it would be theoretically possible to pin ‘This PC’ to Quick Access but it is also possible to change the File Explorer options so that it opens This PC.

Gladly Microsoft has received a lot of Feedback from the Insider Community so far and therefore they have also added a way to change the above described problem, so we don’t even have to tweak the registry.

  • File Explorer:
    First of all we have to open the File Explorer in order to change Folder and Search options.
  • FileExplorerTaskBar

  • View:
    Click on the ‘View’ Tab on the top of your File Explorer and click on ‘Options’ which can find at the top left in the ‘View’ Tap.
  • FileExplorerOptions

  • Folder Options:
    Finally you are in the Folder Options where you can find in the ‘General’ Tap a Drop Down Menu to change the File Explorer from Quick Access to This PC.
  • FileExplorerThisPC

  • OK:
    Finally press OK to confirm your settings and you are all done.

    For any questions about this or some other tips and tweaks to Customize Windows 10 Build 9926 just drop me a comment below, thanks.

    Source: Pureinfotech