Windows 10 Technical Preview 2 (Build 9926 / January Build) Ready to Download & Known Issues



Just two days ago Microsoft held its long awaited Windows 10 Event in Redmond where the company has showed several new features of Windows 10 and Windows 10 for phones. At the event Microsoft has told us that the new Build of the Windows 10 Technical Preview will be available sometime next week and everybody was like “ah what why next week” so it seems Microsoft wanted to surprise it’s Windows Insiders a bit by releasing the latest Build 9926 of Windows 10 today already.

The Windows 10 Technical Preview 2 as it is also called is available to download as x86, x64 and enterprise version, whereas the Tablet version and the version for devices which are currently running Windows Phone will be available in February, well at least according to what Microsoft has said, maybe we will get a surprise there too. However in this Build which Microsoft has released today aren’t all features in clouded which the company has talked about on Wednesday 21st. The company promised to bring more and more features in the upcoming features, so don’t search for Project Spartan in this Build because it is not yet available. What features are included in this Build? Below I have made a list see what new features you can explore in this version of Windows 10.

Included Features in Windows 10 Technical Preview 2 Build 9926 (Screenshots will follow)

  • Cortana:
    One of the long awaited features is finally coming to the desktop, the personal assistant which Windows Phone users are enjoying for some time already comes to the desktop.
  • Improvements for the Startmenu:
    The Startmenu has been overhauled concerning the design, it is also possible now to use it in Fullscreen mode which is very handy if you are testing the Windows 10 Technical Preview on a Tablet.
  • New Settings App:
    The Settings app has also got a new design, settings are now way more clearly arranged, the settings app approaches to the well known Control Panel but isn’t replacing it yet.
  • Action Center:
    The Action Center, which was in previous versions of Windows 10 a simple notification center, gets huge improvements with quick action buttons just like in Windows Phone 8.1.
  • Photos & Maps Universal Apps / Xbox Music:
    First time ever we can see what Microsoft means with Universal Apps, except the time when Microsoft showed us some Universal Apps at the Windows Event in Redmond. Furthermore you can have a first look at the Xbox Music app which has got huge improvements with this new Build version of Windows 10.
  • Windows App Store:
    In leaked Build versions of Windows 10 we have already seen that there are two versions of the Windows App store avialble, in this officially released Build you can now have a better look at the new Windows App Store, tough the old version is installed too.

Got interested? There are two ways how you can download and install the all new Windows 10 Build 9926, the easiest way is if you are already using the Windows 10 Technical Preview just open the Settings App, click on “Update and Recovery” and there you have to choose “Preview Builds”, it will check for new Preview Builds afterwards it will download and install the latest version.
The second way, if you are not using the Windows 10 Technical Preview yet, is a bit more complicated. Therefore you have to join the Windows Insider Programm, afterwards you can download the Build 9926 here as x86, x64 or enterprise version.

Known Issues of Windows 10 TP 2 (Build 9926)

Well Windows 10 is a lot more mature now then it was at the beginning, the the new desktop operating system is still in beta status what means that there are still some issues with this version of Windows 10. Some of them will be patched by Microsoft in the upcoming days and weeks via Windows Update some of them will be patched with new Build versions. So be sure to install the Windows 10 TP only on a secondary device if you can’t life with some bugs on your main device.

In order that you know for what Issues you have too watch out in the new Windows 10 Build 9926 I have listed them below, however the Build has been released today and there may appear more bugs in the upcoming days and weeks.

  • Boot Selection Menu:
    According to Microsoft this is a temporary issue and will be patched soon, however you may see a Boot Selection Menu on every reboot with the current Buld 9926.
  • Xbox Live Games with Sign In:
    If you are using Games which require Xbox Live sign in may not start correctly, an Update for this is on the way and will come to you via WIndows Update.
  • Battery Icon:
    Like in earlier versions of the Windows 10 TP a battery icon will be displayed on the lockscreen even if you are not using a device with an external battery.
  • Cut Off App Names:
    Tiles pinned to the Startmenu aren’t showing the whole name of an app if it is too long and doesn’t fit in one row.
  • Remote Desktop:
    There are problems with displaying the content in the right way.
  • Battery Life:
    You may experience a worse battery life with Connected Standby enabled devices.
  • Cortana Reminders:
    The first reminder you are creating with Cortana for Desktop in your freshly installed Windows 10 TP may not work, however reminders created afterwards are working. Another issue is that reminders of the past will not move to the history section of the Notebook from Cortana.
  • Music App:
    If you minimize the Music app within the first 16 seconds it will disappear so be sure to leave it in the foreground for at least 17 seconds.
  • Start Menu:
    In some cases the Start Menu will fail to launch.

Microsoft is already eagerly working on some updates for the most annoying and inconvenient issues which Windows 10 Build 9926 brings, so be sure to check Windows Update regularly. If you discover another Issue with Windows 10 let me know below in comments. Otherwise have fun with the latest Build of Windows 10.

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