Microsoft has shipped half a million Lumia 535 devices to India



The Microsoft Lumia 535 is the first Windows Phone of the Lumia row which is coming directly from Microsoft and not over the roundabout route from Nokia, the back of the device, which you can see in the header image, is also indicating that the device comes directly from Microsoft. However it was only one month ago when Microsoft introduced the Lumia 535, a new Low Budget Windows Phone with awesome hardware at and a very affordable price. New stats from Zauba are showing that the device, produced in China, has been shipped over half a million times to India already. At the beginning the Lumia 535 had some problems with the touchscreen, however Microsoft has already released a software Update taking care of this problem, this should significantly improve the touchscreen of the Lumia 535, Dual SIM and Single SIM.

This sensation is coming from an Indian tracking website called Zauba, according to the website Microsoft has imported 502,468 Lumia 535 Windows Phone devices to India since the device has been launched in December 2014. All these devices together are worth $30,303,313 and are coming al from the same manufacture country which is, as mentioned above, China.


Yes of course, imports are not sales so it is another story what Microsoft has actually sold of these imported devices, however it shows that Microsoft is aggressively trying to get as many customers to buy a Lumia 535 as possible. On January 21st the big Microsoft Event takes place in Redmond, and 5 days after this event on January 26th Microsoft will present its earnings so at this point we will know for sure how many devices of these 500.000 have been sold already.

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Source: Zauba via Neowin