myTuner Radio plays the Radio Station you want to hear



myTuner Radio is a new app which isn’t only available for Windows Phone 8.1 but also for Windows 8.1, so that you can listen to your favorite radio stations on your phone, tablet and PC. However with 300.000 radio stations from 120 countries all over world the supported by the app there should be one for everyone who likes to listen to the radio.


As you might see in the screenshots above there are some ways how you can get to the radio stations you like the most. First of all is giving you the myTuner Radio app the ability to browse through most popular radio stations, furthermore you can have a look at the recommendations the app gives you. By default the app automatically shows you the radio stations it has for your country tough that can be changed very easy in settings. If you oben the Burger Menu on the right you can search your you can click on ‘Radio Stations’ where you can search radio stations from your current country which you have set in settings. As you may have noticed there is also a an option called ‘Podcasts’, because the app also features over 1 Million Podcasts.
On the right side of the app you can find another menu which opens the radio station what you are currently playing, you can add the radio station to your favorites there or share it, of course it is also possible to stop the current playback

The myTuner App is currently available for free in the Windows Phone and Windows app store, and it does support also devices with 512 MB Ram. Download the app below by scanning the QR Code or clicking on the app logo.


Source: WindowsCentral