Telegram Beta for Windows Phone gets even better with new Stickers



For those of you who do not know the Telegram Beta app for Windows Phone yet, this is another messaging service like WhatsApp for example. The great thing about Telegram is that they are working really hard to make the app a better experience with every update even if they do not mention Windows Phone in their Blog posts about new updates which are available. However the newest addition to the app are stickers which are added with the latest update from the Windows Phone App Store. By the way for Telegram there is even a desktop and web application available which syncronises all your chats and where you can chat with all your Telegram friends whereas WhatsApp is still available for the smartphone only.

Telegram is introducing a kind of new sort of stickers with this app update. Typically Stickers are something like smileys which you can use in the same way with the little difference that noone uses them because it just doesn’t look too good on the one and and you don’t extra search for a sticker that fits the situation, well at least according to my opinion. Now Telegramm is doing this a bit different, if you begin your sentence with one of the following smileys:


the app automatically suggests you a sticker which fits the situation. The Telegram is starting with 14 unique and minimalistic stickers which fit in the Windows Phone ecosystem, furthermore they are saying that all stickers are free and will remain free so there won’t be a paid version anytime soon.

This move from Telegram might be nice if you are a user of the messaging service but it is also nice for artists because it is possible to submit new stickers which will be implemented in the app with future updates. Of course they are not taking everything, they are only using high quality 512px x 512px sticker which are similar to theri designline. If you want to submit a sticker you can do that by sendig it to the Telegram Sticker bot:
For more details on the new Sticker feature of Telegram please visit the official Telegram Blog. If you have any further questions please drop me a comment below, thanks.

Source: Telegram Blog