Microsoft introduces the Comfort Headset



Microsoft has quietly introduced some new Windows Phone devices and accessories today, as you can read here two new smartphones have joined the Windows Phone family. On the one hand we have got the Lumia 435 and on the other hand we have got the Lumia 532. However in this article you can read all about the new Comfort Headset which Microsoft has introduced today together with these two new devices.


Microsoft has already introduced headsets and headphones in the past but back then they have always worked together with Coloud Headphones for these projects, while it does not seem that they have done this also with the Comfort Headset. So it will be produced and sold by Microsoft but it is not clear yet if the headset will be available also separately or only together with a new Windows Phone. Though since Microsoft is suggesting Windows Phone devices which fit best to the headset at the bottom of the website I think they will sell this headphones also without a device, which would be great cause the headset of my Lumia 1020 is coming to an end soon.

Unfortunately Microsoft has not mentioned a price either but instead according to their website they are claiming that the “earpieces match the shape of the human ear” and “are designed to sit securely in the ear” so that should guarantee you a higher comfort if you are wearing them for a long time. A date for the availability has not been mentioned tough I can tell you the colors of the headphones will be similar to the Windows Phone devices, so they will be available in Bright Orange, Black and White. Like we know it from earlier Nokia/Microsoft headphones you will have a small button to answer and end calls but unfortunately no way to control the volume of your Windows Phone.

A detailed list of features can be found below:


  • Frequency response: 20-20 000 Hz
  • Speaker impedance: 32 ohm
  • Audio features: Stereo


  • AV connectors: 3.5 mm stereo headset connector


  • Earpiece type: Semi canal
  • Operating temperature: -5 – +40 C

User Interface

  • Operating keys: Answer/end key .


  • Weight: 12g
  • Cable length: 120CmC

Environmental features

  • Materials: Free of PVC, Free of BFR, rFR as in NSL
  • Packaging: Packaging is 100 % recyclableC
  • Product recycling: 100% recoverable as materials and energy

Let me know your opinion on the new Comfort Headset by Microsoft below in comments, like for what price would you buy it, if it is available separately. Thanks for reading.

Source: Lumia Conversations