New Windows Phone by Samsung in Q3 2015?



There is still one Windows Phone from Samsung remaining which is more or less a device which could be bought also today because it is still getting all the Windows Phone Updates which Microsoft is providing for their ecosystem, thankfully the lifecycle is a bit longer for Windows Phone devices than for devices with other operating systems. Tough the hardware specifications of the ATIV S are a bit outdated. However it wouldn’t be only great for us to see a new Windows Phone from Samsung but it would be important to have another devices from the company in terms of popularity, which the Windows Phone OS is still struggling with, especially in the United States.

According to an article in the Korea Times published today, Samsung is currently thinking about bringing new devices with the Windows Phone OS in Q3 2015 if Microsoft will settle the dispute with Samsung which they are having since 2011 about cross license agreement for Android devices. According to the article of the Korean newspaper, Samsung will focus on Low Budget devices if they release new Windows Phones. Samsung is currently trying to get rid of the dependency they are facing of Google’s Android OS, therefore it would make sense to enter the Windows Phone sector again. Even better for the Windows Phone OS would be if Samsung does it like HTC has done it with the HTC One, so that they bring the Samsung Galaxy S6 with Tizen or Android and Windows Phone.
The following has been said by an official from Samsung about future plans for working together with Microsoft and releasing another Windows Phone device:

“Samsung has run pilot programs on the stability of Windows 8.1 software on devices. It is interested in promoting Windows mobiles. If the companies settle their litigation, then Samsung will manufacture handsets powered by the Microsoft-developed mobile platform. The timing could be the third quarter of this year at the earliest.”

2015 is still at the beginning and we will see if we will hear more about this either from Microsoft or from Samsung, personally I would welcome another Samsung device in the Windows Phone family. Let me know what you think of this in comments below.

Source: The Korea Times via WPCentral